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About us

Brief History

Mohanlal Narayandas Jewellers, a company committed to the cause of opulence and grandeur, has a 10 year old tradition of Manufacturing & supplying the finest kundan meena jadau jewelry, making every woman feel like the “Maharani”. Specialising in its Uncut Jadau Jewellery collection, each piece is a unique expression, designed intricately and executed with human precision in the capital of Jadau jewelry, Bikaner. The jewelry is made from the highest quality of gems, stone, diamond, pearls and gold, put together artistically to create a distinctive style.
We make available our range with 18 TO 23 Carat gold purity with 80 percent Buy back guaranty

Aims And Objectives

We have an in House Manufacturing base in Desert city, Bikaner, Rajasthan and we source heritage jewels from different Royal families based in Rajasthan.
The production process used is the same as that for precious jewellery. Our team of Karigars (artisans) and designers dexterously create masterpieces which are then translated into jewellery using modern techniques, thus ensuring superlative quality combined with low cost. Every jewel here is a hand-crafted masterpiece. These kinds of works need to be passed down from one generation to another.


Mohanlal Narayandas Jewellers creates high-quality luxury jewellery, using the finest of precious gem stones such as diamonds, rubies and emeralds. Mohanlal Narayandas Jewellers also has a range of silver jewellery and gifts.
Today, we have over 80-100 experienced craftsmen in our workshops where extreme care is devoted to each piece, right from the initial design stage, enabling us to perpetuate our tradition of creativity, and breathtaking craftsmanship.
Despite our vast product range, it is our endeavor to keep every design unique, and every creation a piece of art.
A long experience in jewellery making that ensures to give a unique collection. Each and every creation gives you a unique and royal feeling.
Years of expertise and experience in making jewelry ensures that every Mohanlal Narayandas Jewellers creation is a masterpiece in its own right!


We impose stringent quality control procedure in extensive and exhaustive quality checking is done at various stages of production and procurement from suppliers. Each piece is individually checked at the final stage before being packed. Our in depth knowledge of gemstones helps us in selecting high quality gemstones for our products.


Mohanlal Narayandas Jewellers is word famous for its traditional and extreme luxury jewellery collection. The most exquisite jewellery are Jadau, Meenakari, Kundan which is also called as "Nijam Jewellry "and various design of royal and ethnic collection.Mohanlal Narayandas Jewellers is designer, manufacturer and supplier of all kind of jewellry and precious stones. It provides both style modern and ancient at demand of its buyer with Hallmark certification. We make available our range with 20 Carat, 22 carat and 24 Carat gold purity with 80 percent Buy back guaranty.